Environmental Assessment & Regulatory Review

The Eagle Gold Project has received all major regulatory approvals required for the construction, and operation of the Project.

Victoria received the final Water Use Licence from the Yukon Water Board in December 2015. The Water Use Licence is the conclusion of five years of permitting and engineering work on the Project that resulted in a Project design that is both low cost and protective of the environment.

The final Water Use License application process culminated in a weeklong public hearing in June 2015. During the hearing the Water Board Chair stated, "... out of many of the companies or applicants that come before this Board, I think you [Victoria] are remarkable for having had with you -- for the duration so far -- virtually the same team. You've put together an 'A' team, and that, in turn, has led to your preparation of what -- in our opinion -- is a very, very good submission, and that goes a long way to assisting the entire application process. It also goes a long way to giving evidence of the trust that exists between yourselves -- as the applicant -- and the people in this community, and larger, the people in the Yukon Territory. So, congratulations, you've done a remarkably good job in bringing your team together and providing a good application. That's going to stand you well as you move forward."

The Water Use Licence process in Yukon is public. All documents relating to the review and approval of the Eagle Gold Project are filed on the Yukon Water Board Waterline registry.

In September 2013, Victoria received a Quartz Mining Licence for the Project that, in conjunction with the Water Use Licence, allows all phases of the Eagle Gold Project to be undertaken.

On February 19, 2013 the Yukon Environmental and Socio-Economic Assessment Board (YESAB) issued its Final Screen Report recommending that the Government of Canada and Yukon Government allow the Eagle Gold Project to proceed. On April 9, 2013 the Yukon Government filed their Decision Document approving the Project to proceed, and on April 16, 2013, the Federal Government similarly filed their respective Decision Document approving the Project move forward. Completion of the Decision Documents allowed Victoria to apply for the Water Use Licence from the Yukon Water Board and the Quartz Mining License from the Department of Energy, Mines and Resources.