Environmental Commitment

Victoria Gold Corp. believes that environmental stewardship creates value for all stakeholders that can be affected by or have an interest in our Projects. We recognize that our operations can impact the environment and those with whom we share public resources.

We also believe that environmental stewardship is a responsibility shared by everyone in Company, beginning with our officers and directors.

Our Commitments

Effective environmental management is a key performance measure for the Company along with safety, operating, community, and financial performance. Collectively these measures are regularly evaluated to gauge our success as an organization. Each performance measure is equally important. We believe we cannot achieve success if we fail in any one of these key areas.

We commit to:

  • Incorporate sound environmental practices into all stages of the mining life cycle - from exploration to closure;
  • Evaluate environmental risk to inform Project planning and design;
  • Abide by all applicable environmental regulation and exceed environmental standards where it makes business sense to do so;
  • Avoid or mitigate potential adverse environmental impacts through changes to engineering design, the means in which Projects are constructed, operated or decommissioned, and / or habitat compensation.
  • Communicate openly with employees, government and the community on environmental issues and performance;
  • Ensure we have the necessary procedures and training programs in place to protect the environment;
  • Manage air and water quality, minimize consumption of water and energy;
  • Protect natural habitats through effective management of potential discharges and minimizing wildlife interaction;
  • Continually improve our environmental management systems by regularly measuring on-site performance;
  • Seek products and services that are environmentally responsible and promote the reduction of carbon footprints;
  • Recognize employee behaviour that supports environmental stewardship; and
  • Ensure that employees and contractors are aware of their roles and responsibilities with respect to environmental impacts, and have the appropriate training to do their work responsibly.

Our overall priority is to protect the environment by ensuring that potential adverse impacts will be minimized or avoided during operation and mine sites are returned to viable and, wherever practical, self-sustaining ecosystems following decommissioning.

Additional environmental commitments are outlined in Victoria Gold Corp's Environmental Policy.