Health & Safety Commitment

100% owned Dublin Gulch.
100% owned Dublin Gulch.

At Victoria Gold Corp we understand that health and safety is more than a series of policies and procedures; it's an essential part of our success. We believe:

  • All employees have a right to safety information and training;
  • Safe working practices are a condition of employment;
  • Preventing injuries is everyone's responsibility; and
  • All injuries are preventable.

These principles are endorsed by company officers and underpin our operating commitment to the highest possible performance in health and safety.

We also believe that health and safety is a shared responsibility. Everyone is required to integrate sound health and safety practices into every decision and every task, everyday.

Our Commitments

Health and safety is one of our key performance indicators along with environmental, operating, community and financial performance. Collectively, these indicators reflect our success. They are equally important. This means that health and safety is a critical measure of our overall success.

We commit to:

  • Communicating openly with employees, government and the community on occupational health and safety issues and performance;
  • Providing safety training and protective equipment for all employees in all work areas;
  • Encouraging employees to report unsafe equipment, practices, or conditions;
  • Worksite safety awareness meetings at the outset of each new task;
  • Inspections to identify and remove, or minimize, potential hazards;
  • Holding employees accountable for their safety and that of their co-workers;
  • Managing risk by implementing systems to assess, monitor and control hazards;
  • Involving employees and contractors in the improvement of occupational health and safety performance.

Health and safety is a journey. Standing still isn't an option. We commit to continuous improvement in our occupational health and safety performance each day.

Additional health and safety commitments are outlined in Victoria Gold Corp's Occupational Health and Safety Policy.